1. What is ABCD?

ABCD is the Archbishop’s Charities and Development Drive.  It is the annual giving drive/ annual appeal for the Archdiocese of Miami.  For more information about what the ABCD supports, please download our brochure here.

2. Why should I contribute?

The Scriptures are unambiguous about God’s concern for the poor.  Open your hand to the poor and needy neighbor in your land (Deut. 15:11; Isa. 58:6-12).  Jesus showed a preferential option for the poor.  As the example of the saints has taught us, in loving and serving the poor, we too love and serve Jesus Himself.

Together, as one family of God, we continue to build the Kingdom of God in our Archdiocese.  Through the Archbishop’s Charities and Development Drive (ABCD), in the past year alone, you are helping to train the largest group of seminarians the Archdiocese has enjoyed in many years; through ABCD you are assisting our most needy Catholic elementary and high schools, and you are continuing to support the evangelization efforts within our migrant community in south Dade.  Thanks to your support of ABCD our Respect Life ministry continues to grow opening this year a new pregnancy assistance center in Broward County. We are, once again, ministering to seafarers whose work on cargo and cruise ships bring them to the Port of Miami and Port Everglades.  Also, thanks to your continued generosity, we have been able to reduce the heavy burden of debt on some of the poorest of our parishes allowing the parish’s limited resources to support its ministerial works.  These are extraordinary accomplishments – all made possible because of you!

Your generous and unwavering support of the ABCD is a witness to your faith. Propelled by hope, we can and will move forward “towards a sure future”.   Thank you for considering our Church and her many life changing ministries when sharing your blessings by making a gift to ABCD.

3. What does ABCD support?

Click here for the breakdown of how ABCD is allocated.

4. Does my parish get credit for the ABCD?

If you include your parish name on your pledge card or information, your parish will be credited your donation.  If you would like to apply your gift to multiple parishes, please contact the Development Office.

5. How is the goal for my parish determined?

The parish ABCD goals are calculated by the Chancery using a performance-based formula.

6. What happens when my parish exceeds the ABCD goal?

If your parish exceeds its ABCD goal, all funds collected over the goal are given back to the parish.

7. Can I designate my ABCD donation?

Yes, you can designate your ABCD donation.  However, a designation can only be made to a program funded by ABCD.  If you have questions regarding designations, please contact Katie Blanco Bourdeau , J.D., CFRE at (305) 762-1053 or

8. What forms of gifts do you accept?

An ABCD gift can be made a variety of ways, including but not limited to cash, credit card, stock donations, donor advised funds, and more.  For more information on the types of gifts accepted, please contact Katie Blanco Bourdeau, J.D., CFRE at (305) 762-1053 or

9. Where do I send my payment?

Donations and pledge payments can be sent to: ABCD, 9401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami Shores, FL 33138.  Please do not send cash.

10. When does billing begin? When does it end?

ABCD billing begins in March of each campaign year and continues through February of the following year or until fulfilled.

11. Who do I make my check payable to?

Please make your checks payable to “ABCD.”

12. When are credit cards billed?

If you have selected to pay your pledge via credit cards, please note that credit cards are charged during the last week of each month.

13. Is my credit card information secure?

All credit card information is secure.  Upon entering the credit card information into the database, it is immediately encrypted.  When charging the credit card according to the selected pledge schedule, the database communicates with the credit card charging platform through a secure server using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.

14. Who do I contact with questions/credit card changes or to update information?

Please contact the Development Office at (305) 762-1243 or (305) 762-1016.

15. How do I update my contact information?

To edit your contact information such as your address, phone number, etc., please call the Development Office at (305) 762-1243 or email

16. When will I get a tax receipt?

Tax receipts are issued in January of each year and represents the aggregate gift made in the previous calendar year.  Tax receipts are automatically issued for all aggregate gifts equal to or greater than $250.00.

Tax receipts for aggregate gifts less than $250.00 are issued upon request.  If you would like to receive a tax receipt, please contact the Development Office at (305) 762-1243.

17. Will my Employer match my gift made to the ABCD?

While every company’s matching gift guidelines is different, each company normally addresses the matching gift eligibility of religious based organizations. The ABCD is not a religious organization but an ongoing and independently-run program affiliated with a religious organization, The Archdiocese of Miami. Gifts made to the ABCD are restricted to nonsectarian projects that provide needed social services to the community at large on a nondiscriminatory basis without any religious teaching, directive or requirements to receive services (e.g. a soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, a food bank, etc.).