Faces of Faith


Robert Michel

Respect Life Recipient

“The Archdiocese of Miami and all of you are doing a great job at helping families build a proper and God-centric foundation. Every family should be educated in the importance of life and how to respect it, Respect Life does just that. Thank you!”

Annie Gipson

New Life Resident

“The Archdiocese of Miami has shown me that there are still people who enjoy giving of their time to help others–that is Christianity at work, and it is so important. A little prayer goes a long way when it comes to healing a family’s heart. Thank you!”

Gina Cantave

Schott Communities Volunteer

“The Archdiocese of Miami gives a boost to my faith. I am able to live out this faith and the core principles of the Catholic Church: love, compassion, hope, solidarity and courage, by giving preferential options of my time to the poor, disabled, and marginalized. Thank you!”

Phillip Tran


“The ABCD enables me to fully pursue the priesthood without having to worry about temporal things. Because of the generosity of the People of God, I can fully give my heart and soul back to God and his people. Thank you!”

Marie Anne S. Michel

St. Clemente Youth Ministry Member

“Church is a fun experience! I never get bored here. With exciting activities and the company of friends, it makes every kid that goes to church fall in love with the church and God. Thank you!”