ABCD 2016 Archbishop’s Charities & Development Drive

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

In this Holy Year of Mercy, let us live with the clear mission to rediscover and make fruitful the mercy of Jesus Christ.  The motto for this special Jubilee year, Merciful like the Father, is an invitation to follow His compassionate example asking us to offer forgiveness and love without measure. 

The corporal and spiritual works of mercy provide us with direction on how to practice this authentic love in our daily lives.  In essence, we are called to give of ourselves to others, most especially to those who need it, and if we open our hearts, we will find countless chances to do so.  Your support of the Archbishop’s Charities and Development Drive (ABCD) is the perfect opportunity to answer the call to be merciful by helping those most in need.

The money you entrust to the Archdiocese of Miami is used to support the works of mercy.  Together we are able to educate and evangelize; support struggling parishes and schools; assist in the formation of families and priests. And, through multiple charities, we are able to care for the sick, the elderly, the immigrants, the less fortunate, and the spiritually poor—all of us who need God’s word, the sacraments, and the teachings of the Church. 

One of the foundations of our Catholic faith is almsgiving— to have mercy and to give, even to the point of sacrifice, in order to serve the needs of the poor.  St. Vincent de Paul insists that we “strive to keep our hearts open to the sufferings…of other people, and pray continually that God may grant us that spirit of compassion which is truly the spirit of God.”

So, I ask you: will you be merciful like the Father?  Will you continue to open the door for us all to unite to spread the Good News and bring spiritual and physical hope to those in need?

I pray that you will join me in supporting this year’s ABCD by making a gift now. And please, give from the heart.  Together, we are One in Faith, One in Hope and One in Charity. Thank you and God bless you!

With sincere gratitude and hope,

Most Reverend Thomas G. Wenski 
Archbishop of Miami

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